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Residents of the Vale Housing Association will be able to get free advice about a range of Do-It-Yourself tasks at a workshop being run by the Association on Saturday 20th September. Residents will be able to get tips and advice on tasks including wallpapering, putting up shelves and plumbing. The event will take place at the Grove Centre, Millbrook Grove, behind the shops on Main Street between 2.00 and 4.30pm. There is plenty of parking available at the centre.

The workshop is the first event organised by the Association’s Customer Champions, a group of both staff and residents who are interested in increasing the opportunities for customers to get involved with the Association in some way. Murry Burnett, Senior Planning Supervisor at the Vale Housing Association said, “Many of our residents move into properties and want to make them into a home by decorating them as they would like but don’t really know where to start. We thought this workshop would be a good way of providing them with the skills they would need to do this.” find out more: Valuations NSW

The Vale Housing Association made the decision to put up secure fencing at the garage site on Southampton Street in order to protect its property, adjoining housing and the tennis courts. Serious storm damage had rendered the garages unsafe, meaning that temporary fencing had to be installed to protect the public. This was followed up by increased secure fencing due to problems on the site with cars being vandalised, rubbish dumped and youths using the site to gain access to nearby gardens and harassing tennis players. Local residents had approached the Association asking for stronger security measures, following incidents where their gardens had been damaged and car-parts thrown onto their properties.

We recognise that this area has been used as a cut-through over the years, even though there is not in fact a public footpath. However the land on which the fence has been erected belongs to the Association, which is under an obligation to ensure that the site and the public are protected on health and safety grounds and that the area does not become a magnet for crime and anti-social behaviour.

The Association is now reviewing the possibility of building new housing, which would include dedicated off-street parking areas being created and pedestrian access between Southampton Street and Westbrook The Association wrote to the tennis club and to the South Faringdon Residents Association in March of this year to advise them of the steps they intended to take. The police were also consulted and agreed that the type of fence to be used was the most suitable for protecting the area.

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At present, Stranraer’s more affluent elderly citizens tend to reside in the aforementioned large three and four bedroom detached bungalows whereas they would perhaps be tempted to move into well-furnished high specification retirement flats more suitable to their requirements if such properties were more readily available.

Whether it is homeowners with plans to extend or convert rooms within their houses, or property developers returning offices to their original use as homes,  So, if you buy a new home and wonder why it has an access ramp when no-one in your family is disabled, remember that it’s not there for you, rather, it’s there for visitors to your home, within The Machars and Rhins peninsula areas of south west Scotland over recent years has been Wigtown and it’s not too difficult to determine exactly why.

within one sector might have been a cause for some concern but as so many of them have headquarters in Edinburgh – including Scottish Widows, Lloyds TSB, Standard Life, HBOS and The Royal Bank of Scotland – any such worry is muted. Any type of renovation or improvement in the property leads to the increment in Real Estate Valuation  of that property. This of course raises the prospect of Edinburgh falling victim to its own success whenever its rental levels come into alignment or exceed the levels of other leading European business and financial centres.

For example, Portpatrick is a popular destination with holidaymakers on account of its stunning scenery and it enjoys a buoyant property market as a consequence of incomers choosing to purchase property there, often intended as holiday or retiral homes.

Beyond the 25 book businesses, including 18 bookshops in the town – a direct consequence of the designation – a regular stream of book-related events running throughout the year draws many incomers into the area, Other parts of south west Scotland rely on more traditional, geographical attributes with which to attract incomers and these, too, have an impact on the local property market.

 This can most probably be attributed to interest rate levels falling to a historically low level which has stimulated demand through the property market, from first time buyers to the top tier of houses which, in Stranraer typically comprise of three or four bedroom detached bungalows situated in the west end of the town.

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The advantages of purchasing a house neighbouring a golf course – be it a private members club or a proprietorial/commercial venture – far outweigh any disadvantages For example, private members clubs are generally protected from commercial development and are likely to be located within ‘green lung’ wildlife habitats offering landscaped features with trees in an urban environment. Not to be underestimated too is the unquantifiable kudos that can attach itself to a desirable golf course which can add value to neighbouring residential properties.

With regard to proprietorial/commercial golfing developments, the American country club concept – whereby houses are developed alongside fairways with a club house hotel acting as a centrepiece – was introduced to Scotland a decade or so ago and has now come of age.

Admittedly, this was something of an exception, but it does serve to illustrate that demand is high for the right kind of property in the right location. On the off chance that they have learning of the area will have the ability to market a property sufficiently; they will in like manner have the ability to direct a more Correct Valuation Process. Housebuyers from the south east of England are often cash rich from the sale of their former homes and are pleasantly surprised by the relatively inexpensive cost of properties in south west Scotland.

Letham Grange in Angus was one of the earliest examples of this type of development in Scotland. Others include: Cardrona, near Peebles; Balbirnie in Fife and Craigie Law and Archerfield in East Lothian. But perhaps the best known example is Gleneagles, where Cala Homes has a house on the market which is expected to achieve a sale price of around £1.5 million.

So, given that nearby golf courses can add value to your house, there’s little doubt that they make for good neighbours. An increasingly common question asked by puzzled home buyers is just why their newly built house has a ramp at an entrance when no members of the household are disabled?

Rather, they require only that certain areas in a house meet these regulations so that homeowners will often seek to ensure that one level – whether that is the upper or the ground floor – will comply with the requirements. If that same property was moved only a mile or so from its present site then it might only be expected to sell for £1 million.

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More modern executive properties, such as those built by Cala Homes, would today sell for anywhere between £250,000 and £370,000, depending on size. The latter being very popular with elderly people who will often be downsizing from substantial traditional stone properties. This may be due to the fact that the buyers of such properties tend to place a higher priority on location and the type of house than its state of repair, perhaps because elderly buyers are often cash rich as a consequence of downsizing and can therefore more readily afford to renovate or refurbish their home as required.

Some of whom are moving to Ayrshire from Glasgow for what they perceive to be a better quality of life; an attraction which, of course, is not restricted to the elderly.  Property valuation is not a fundamental undertaking, and it obliges the associations of amazingly talented and experienced evaluators. These past customers can also accommodate you testimonials with respect to their associations.

The fact that such commuters will often be able to purchase larger homes than what they would be able to afford in Glasgow is also a key driver for them to head for the coast. Recent trends would seem to suggest that many first time buyers can now often afford to leapfrog . Consequently, ex local authority properties are attracting very good prices at the moment whilst the tenement flatted sector has been relatively stagnant.

Overall, though, the residential property market in Ayrshire is of sufficient strength and depth such that any modest rise in interest rates would likely have minimum adverse impact on current trends.ere we face each other and talk to each other and try to understand.” When you need to get a valuation associations firm to lead this essential errand filter for an affiliation that is seen, secured and of magnificent notoriety.

She already has had similar public forums in New York and Los Angeles. She has since received invitations from other cities, including San Francisco and Chicago, to hold “Constitution” series.

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With interest base rates of 4 per cent for the last six months or so, and the opportunity to borrow at fixed rates widely available, somewhere, they risk being unable at any stage of their lifetimes to own a home and, as a result, have been piling into the hundreds of new housing developments to be found in West Lothian, Dunfermline and almost every other location within commuting distance of the city centre.

The two main areas in Leith which are presently the focus of modern residential developments are the waterfront – some 3000 houses are planned for Western Harbour in Granton – and Leith Walk where Wimpey is designing a substantial flatted development situated on the Leith/Edinburgh boundary.

In the current market it is not uncommon for buyers of flats in Edinburgh to pay premiums of 20 per cent over the valuation price with that price itself being some 10-20 per cent over the asking price. Whereas a two bedroom flat situated near Edinburgh city centre would cost about £140,000 in the current market, a comparable flat in Leith would cost in the region of £70,000 to £90,000 with many new build flats regularly selling for six figure sums.  Today anyone who can afford to buy, and at last count that was something like two thirds of all households in the country does so. In the past this was a sign of an economic slow down or slump, but today it reflects the greater attraction of purchasing over leasing.

Offering Online Property Valuations is perhaps one of the most important and effective ways by which valuers can retain their hold on existing customers. Those prices compare with the top tier of the residential market in Ayr which is made up of traditional stone properties in and around Racecourse Road which tend to come on to the market at prices in excess of £300,000.

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The latest spate of planning applications would seem to point to the fact that property developers have increasingly been drawn outwith city centre locations of late towards such less central, more convenient sites. However, there are now firm proposals for five different schemes around that area which will herald some much needed competition within that market west of Edinburgh.

Which, in turn, is being pushed further out into Fountainbridge and becoming more peripheral. Yet whilst Edinburgh’s office sector may be quietening down following something of a boom period, the lack of choice for office accommodation has started to lead some occupiers to turn their attentions westwards,towards Glasgow where there is a relative abundance of high quality office buildings at rentals approximately 25-30% below those demanded for comparable offices in Edinburgh.

Consequently, if there was no compelling reason for a company to be based in Edinburgh, and it was unable to afford the £25-£28 per sq ft rentals required to secure sites in the capital, The boom in Edinburgh’s residential property market has been well-documented over recent years and there is little sign of it slowing down over the foreseeable future.  In the event that the property was a regular private property, the State Confirmed Private Appraiser would be the base permit to consider. With the prices being commanded for many city centre properties escalating to figures beyond the pockets of many locals, an area that is benefiting directly from this phenomenon is Leith.

Its regeneration dates back to the 1980s with the introduction of the Leith Project which, funded by public money, saw the large scale restoration of buildings along the waterfront and dock areas and the conversion of older industrial properties such as warehouses into desirable flats. Perhaps the most obvious mark of that rejuvenation is Ocean Terminal, the significant retail development located, as its name suggests, in Leith’s harbour area.

Ocean Terminal, together with significant hotel, cinema and leisure centre developments, means that Leith now boasts an enviable superstructure which means that, for the first time in a very long time, Residents of Leith can now choose to not only live there, but to work, rest and play there too rather than venture into the city centre for all their activities outwith the home.

Its current stage of regeneration has seen a discernable shift away from conversions and towards new two and three bedroom flatted developments, aimed predominantly at the mid to high range of the residential market.